RentHedz – Sold Out!

Current Sales:

0.03eth – 5/Wallet Max – 313qty – 1/1 Art – Reveal now (refresh metadata)

RentHedz by JeffJag is a collection of 313 character artworks created using 5 different AI Art tools. I am donating 25% of primary and secondary sales to a local Denver shelter, The Gathering Place, through the NiftyKit contract-level revenue splitter. I airdropped myself the first token to set up the secondary collection page for RentHedz on Opensea (for transparency), and I plan to airdrop myself a few more later in the presale.

Snapshot Based Contests – Rules

The first round of contests is called the Renovations. There will be a limited number of tokens that will get art and metadata Renovations (post mint updates) on chain. I will do new snapshots in October and November 2022 with 2 different contest themes (announcements coming). Winners are picked randomly by token ID. 1 token = 1 entry. I will re-roll if one of my own tokens is selected. Only contest winning tokens will have the new art and metadata applied, which will increase the rarity of that token in the collection.

A snapshot was taken on Midnight September 20th for the first round of renovations to reward the early minters. A limited number of random wallet holders per round can renovate the RentHedz token of their choice. Slap a coat of paint, add a water feature, install a rooftop balcony… winner’s choice. Winners were @ tweeted and tagged. If I have no way to reach you (no social links in your OS profile) please DM @JeffJag or @hedzxyz with your selection/choice by December 27th, 2022.

Renovations Round 2 snapshot is scheduled for Friday September 30th, 2022 at midnight MST, which will reward an additional 5 random wallet holders with the second round of Renovations, bringing the total for this contest to 10 tokens. Future contests will feature different themes and may have varying number of winners.

The winners for the first round of RentHedz Renovations are the following token holders:
16 – @CharredJawa
64 – @NiftyCastle
74 – @ClareMaguire
80 – Mint365_AugSept (0x2496…1A3e)
109 – @Wonky__Walrus

Contact @jeffjag @HEDZxyz DM to discuss your Renovated tokens! (can pick any RentHedz token for the reno)

Originally tweeted by 🏢 RentHedz 🏠 (@HEDZxyz) on September 19, 2022.

The Blueprint

The RentHedz characters were created using MidJourney V3 model, combined with AI generated star fields made in Dall-e 2. Those synthesized images were hand-masked individually using After Effects for compositing. The third AIArt tool was Content Aware Fill in Photoshop to fill in areas of the necks/shoulders/torso that filled out the images so there weren’t so many floating heads. The images were upscaled using Topaz Gigapixel AI to 2560px x 3200px – a very fine resolution for discerning digital image connoisseurs. The final AI element is in the description metadata – each NFT has a 1/1 AI composed poem/statement at the end of the description written in from a prompt based on the project. I recommend going through a few tokens after the reveal and reading these… they’re wild.

Construction Ahead

  • Public Mint is live as of September 6th at 1pm mountain (Noon pst / 3pm est). The collection sold out on the night of September 19th.
  • Price was 0.03 ETH — max 5 per wallet — 313 total qty
  • There be RARE TOKENS. I put special attention to making rarities that will stand out in this collection. So excited to see who’s going to reveal the three 1/1s with unique Unit Features: The Expert, The Masterpiece, and The Builders. Aside from those, theres quite a few other rare categories to look out for.
  • ERC721A (mint many tokens for substantially less gas) through NiftyKit DropKit. Payment options also available for those who don’t have ETHER Cryptocurrency through the Winter Wallet in $USD.
  • Reveal was be Wednesday 9.7.22 — regardless of sale status. Future tokens revealed-as-minted.
  • ALL METADATA is complete and was uploaded through the tokens sold at the time of reveal. Metadata is subject to change dynamically – but only in a creative capacity for the interest of providing more value to collectors and the community – such as the contests outlined above. For context, the FiatHedz have a different metadata situation.
  • This is not a roadmap, it’s just me and I’m a founder and builder. The long term idea I have planned for the Hedz by JeffJag is to reward collectors of each Hedz (so far, FiatHedz, but RentHedz will be next) with burnable claimable tokens they can use to mutate the other Hedz collections and create cross-over tokens.
    • For example: using a burnable FiatHedz token to turn a RentHedz into a “Fiat-style” version of that RentHedz using AI tools and hand illustrations with the aesthetic of both being combined organically. And much like other projects, you keep the original token, and use up the burnable token to get a mutated token.
  • Collect art you love by artists you want to see succeed and you’ll never go wrong in this space. I’m here to push the technology, help other artists, and bring the community with me.

If you’d like to see my previous work, I’d recommend checking the FiatHedz secondary or one of my other collections like – a 3D 1/1 abstract art collection with reveal for 0.07eth (still minting).

Lastly if you want the most up to date information on all Hedz projects follow @JeffJag and @FiatHedz on Twitter, the latter is the account I use for all hedz-related drop info.